Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Reputation is everything if you are a small enterprise. You cannot afford to skip or have alarming call consistency. You need a business telephone which can help you control your business and service clients easily. Reliable business telephones are essential to all business activities, regardless of their scale. You can easily control your calls and contact flow at any time of day and night by getting the right telephones in place.

Our telephone experts at Ebizz will provide your small company a full and affordable telephone solution beyond hardware. We help you increase your productivity and more easily connect with your business partner. 

In a cloud business phone device, you can host your business phone number in the cloud and never think about cables, wires, or hardware.

In Australia, Ebizz provides VoIP telephone calls, but the network is much more than that. Use the Forum Group to have functionality that fits well with the company applications, Telefon, chat, and video conferencing.

Without the expensive, locally run hardware, you can access your services through smartphones, tablets, computers, and desk phones.

Small Business Phone Solutions

Small Business customers need a practical budget telecommunications system to fulfill their actual business needs. For all the functions that you will need, the phone system needs to be accurate. It cannot be easy to find the right match for your company. Every company is unique, and what works for one company cannot work for another. With hundreds of solutions open, there are some factors to consider. Our enterprise collaboration solutions enable your employees to collaborate more efficiently and seamlessly in their current external and internal resources with the latest technologies. 

If you have different offices, remote employees, or field sales staff, we will help you get them all together. We develop and continually refine a customized communication system as we learn more about your company. The most reliable information infrastructure brands are our plans to be modular and scalable. We will allow you to communicate in new ways and pull together your business and customers. Ours team is yours.

A Communicable Way For Easy And Quickest Solution

Discover Real-Time Conversation Insights and make informed decisions using technology to boost your company results and simplify your journey.

Desk VoIP Phone

The power of the human voice could gain confidence, express emotion, and form relationships that become exceptional.

That is why we are so excited to supply the highest performing IP desk telephones in your phone-based groups.


Softphones integrate speech strength with software skills for communicating and collaborating with teams on the field and remote teams. You can operate on any computer and using the current telephone numbers anywhere you are.

Unified Communication

By integrating the accessibility of desk phones with the versatility of softphones, you can achieve unified communications and the best of all worlds. Customize and modify your dream telephone device as your company needs. Customers and teams need to be provided with unified communications and teamwork software.

What is a Small Business Phone System?

A small and medium-sized system consists of many interconnected telephones that facilitate advanced telephony functions such as call handling and transmission, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared message boxes, and the like. A small workplace telecommunications system may vary from only a few telephones to a PBX.

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the internet (Internet Telephony or VoIP), or a mixture of the two may be used to use small business phone networks. A small office telephone system (typically known as a centrex) may also be supplied, meaning small companies are free from expensive equipment investments.

Enhance your communication services with the following key features


The days of out-of-date applications and exorbitant up-front costs are over. For a low monthly charge, you can future-proof your company with cutting-edge technologies. Cloud phone systems provide the whole team with a single calling location, be it in the offices, at home, or on the road. Users can safely and efficiently communicate with consumers or work with colleagues on almost any smartphone worldwide.

At Ebizz, we assist you in designing, deploying, and maintaining a Cloud Phone System that meets your needs and provides all smart functions such as automatic car service providers, call lists, voicemail, video conferencing, and many more. Our cloud telephone services will also adjust as the company evolves - giving versatility and scalability to suit your needs.

You can get support from a dedicated cloud phone system:

  • Failure to manage the burden and danger of a local server host telephone system.
  • Contact all the leading players more efficiently
  • Prove your company in the future and build a digital facilitation community


Cloud communications provide unmatched calling versatility, allowing you and your colleagues the ability to work productivity from everywhere.

Our cloud calling services are full of intuitive features that mean work doesn't have to pause. Your employees can make phones on any computer and quickly change to another device without hanging up. You will never miss a chance with intelligent redirects, interactive voice and video, and sophisticated analyses.

Here are some of the other awesome stuff with cloud communications you can do:

  • As much as you like, mix and match
  • make superior calls from all around the world.
  • Integrate or collaborate quickly with other applications, including email and CRM, to simplify call logging.

Modern Tools

Our interactive collaboration platforms are developed to help you extend your communication processes and provide your customers with a better experience.

We make it easy for you to respond to your customers across many contact networks, including phone calls, live chat, and video conferences.

Regardless of the case, we have the resources to save time, including:

  • Voice messages sent straight to your inbox
  • Sharing screens, conference rooms, and functions of cooperation
  • Active directory and status for your web user


If they are built into your other sales enablers and productivity tools, cloud communication solutions function best.

To build a single home of call management and collaboration, we help you link your telephone device to existing applications. Your framework collects data from all interconnected systems and gives you the insight to make more intelligent business choices.

The incorporation of our Cloud Phone System:

  • CRMs to register calls to lead and customer information automatically.
  • Calendars such that when you meet or book video conferences, you can set a 'far-out.'
  • Automation marketing software to deliver call notes or email tracking tools

Analytics Reporting

Enhance your customer service teams' functioning with reliable, up-to-date call details from every system and person.

You will gain an insight into the number of calls, time on the phone, and the number of missing callings on a basic analysis tool using a communications system for the Ebizz Community. Tell key policymakers about the numbers and use real-time dashboards to promote improved results.

Use specialized analytical information and reporting to:

  • Conduct success in customer-oriented teams and rivalry
  • Identify and react quickly to weak customer service examples
  • Motivate and foster responsibility among underperforming personnel

Contact Centre Management

You need full trust in your team's outstanding client services if you are running a call center.

We specialize in cloud-based contact center management that enjoys excellent availability, quick support, and fast follow-up for your customers. Set up the squad to excel, with car guides and triages, call recordings and transcripts, and advanced research.

Ebizz reduces the capital and maintenance costs and ensures:

  • The workers will access the necessary solutions from remote smartphones to domestic contact centers.
  • On their favorite platform, your consumers can meet you (live chat, voice, email, and web)
  • Your information is safeguarded, and all user data requirements are protected with us