Landing Page Development & Testing Services

A visitor lands on a page after clicking the link or ad on an email or social media page. A stand-alone web page crafted especially for a marketing or advertising campaign is called a Landing page. For turning visitors into a customer, your landing page must be attractive and eye-catching looking. In your promotion and publicity campaigns, your landing pages play a vital role. You will optimize the effect of these pages by offering competent landing page design. Strengthen your sales, raise your lead quality and maximize your revenues by creating a personalized landing page with Ebizz.

After clicking an ad page, the moment the users are diverted to your website, they should be so enthralled that they will be unable to leave the platform before answering your call to action. We create a landing page that, at first glance, would reach your users. To be intuitive and having quick access to use, we create beautifully pleasing and engaging landing pages.

Increase leads on custom landing pages

Essential elements of an effective paid marketing campaign are well-crafted landing pages and exemplary user interface. The design of landing pages with user interface leads to optimization of the conversion rate. The Ebizz team has decades of experience in developing landing pages that convert for all paying media platforms.

The Ebizz team is wholly committed to developing high-conversion landing pages for consumers in many different markets. We discovered what prototypes fit well for a given product or service during that period. Our team learns about the brand, priorities and goals. A UX designer will collaborate with you to create an outstanding graphic interface that draws traffic and helps you accomplish your objectives. We periodically evaluate your landing pages' crucial components by training, such as calls-to-action, graphic features, user interfaces design, and copying. We will then customize your pages to boost your efficiency further.

Landing Page vs. Web Page: What You Need To Know?

All comes down to what they are intended to do. The most significant difference between the webpage and a landing page is attention. And the observed rise in conversions results in purchases, signups, leads, or whatever action you want visitors to take. The emphasis is that landing pages are so efficient for marketing purposes. In comparison to browsing web pages and websites, the landing pages are tailored for a particular initiative or bid, bringing guests to a specific call to action. In short, conversion landing pages are planned.

The only purpose of landing pages is to drive traffic. Web pages, though, have a lot of hats to bear.

Typically some kind of navigation bar at the top is present on a standard webpage. More web links or the social media links in your blog can also be found on your footer. However, you do not have these ties on your landing page.

Our Approach to UX & Conversion-Focused Landing Page Design

First impression matters, landing page, is the initial glimpse of your brand. Landing pages provide relevant information about the brand more creatively and attractively. It also offers tangible next steps for engagement opportunities and gives your brand more insight. Landing pages are ideal platforms for the effective way of sharing the key brand messages and value adds. This is precisely what the target audience wants under the proper circumstances.

Well-crafted landing page improves the click-through rates and jumpstarts the customer's journey effectively. It is a dedicated asset in a smart way to boost your promising sales lead.

Ebizz combines validated conversion rate optimization techniques and templates to construct high landing pages for conversion for optimum user experience.

Our approach included:-

  • Study & Exploration
  • Create a theory
  • Different versions of construction
  • Analyze Research

Formation of a Landing Page

A core set of elements is representative of every excellent landing page. These fundamental elements can be used as a reference to develop your content. What makes a landing page's anatomy best regardless of their purpose of conversion, not minding the audience, doesn't matter what price they bid, mainly because a landing page's composition aligns with persuasion and their fundamentals strike the best. 

While designing a landing page for a customer, the staff at Ebizz focuses on each thing that pulls a user in:-

  • Replicating the page with exquisite language.
  • The button for a strong call to action (CTA).
  • A persuasive key headline.
  • A short and consistent secondary headline.
  • Appropriate Video and Photographs.
  • Trust metrics, including records, accreditations, privacy policies, etc.

We will guarantee by knowing the anatomy of a landing page and ensuring that you adhere to specific rules, you will then discover creative and innovative ways of maximizing your traffic.

Landing Page Strategy

A web-friendly optimized landing page uses keywords and best practises to optimize search engines, leading to more organic traffic to the web. It is a guarantee. However, don't get too relaxed until you're pleased with the quality of your landing page. It's always a bright idea to regularly review your pages' performance, decide possible implementation shortcomings, and change your page's contents. Perhaps innovations in your field or a recent Google algorithm update should be considered with your message and search requirements. Performance is an endless pursuit in the digital marketing space. Ebizz has vast experience in generating customers of various industries with high converting landing pages. We are trained in knowing what designs fit great for a particular product or service. Our team will gain knowledge about your brand, strategic goals and values. A UX designer will develop and implement a robust visual design that converts traffic and helps you attain your objectives.

Landing Page Creation

A landing page is composed of a single page, as its name indicates. You can segregate it into different sections, but you need to stay on one page that is not too long, ideally. Headers, subheaders, buttons, and pictures must be able and effective in representing the page's message while making sure that all components remain organized.

Please ensure you are using a highly credentialed landing page template while you're preparing to design your landing page from start to finish. This will assure your landing page not only looks good but also has a powerful visual ideology that gives rise to visitors exactly where you want them most promptly.

The developers at Ebizz can design a landing page that connects to your paying media platforms with a user interface template. Features such as graphic style, explicit call-to-actions, multi-step forms, complex headlines, and social data elements, among others, are taken into account.

Split Testing & Analytics

A single page with an apparent purpose, unlike a complete professionally-blown website, is a landing page: to bring visitors to your end destination. A strong landing page will significantly improve the odds of achievement if done well. The best ROI on your landing page needs continuing research. Our design services help the company optimise signups, telephone calls, and sales, from the test copies to colours.

Standardization of conversion rate is a continuous process. We ensure that the landing pages push outcomes constantly using a split test or an A/B test. We monitor your landing pages' essential components daily, such as call-to-action, graphic features, architecture, and user interface copying. We customize your pages so that your efficiency can continue to improve. Our paid media advertisers certify that your landing pages complement your brand message. In all marketing platforms, we gather and track analysis to increase access and efficiency.

Ready To Get Found?

Please feel free to contact our landing-page team today if you would like to know more about how Ebizz will help you develop easy-to-use landing pages that convert or boost the conversion rate optimization of your existing pages.