Digital Presence

Almost a decade ago, there was a time when a few HTML pages were enough to show the online presence of your business. But things are way different now. Many companies, businesses are exploring themselves online. Most marketers to build their brand presence online started running campaigns such as PPC campaigns and social media ads, also discounting the great value of using the same platforms.

Today, a customer's interaction with the brand also changes because of this massive new digital technology wave. A customer makes a purchase of 100 dollars by a simple flick over the smartphone from casual browsing.

This digital division can make brands' reputation both success and failure depend upon how a brand is handling it. If a brand creates a stronger identity wholly, they might be ahead in the competition.

What is meant by digital presence?

Simply put, digital presence means how your business looks online. What your website represents about your brand online is digital presence. Blog, social media pages, customer feedback, or any other content related to your brand, written online represents digital presence.

The world has upgraded a lot, we have searched everything online, from daily household chore products to medicine and treatment. All-in-all, we simply Google everything. Google is the top most favourite search engine not by users but also by brands.

The best way you can make your digital presence outstanding is to plan the most effective digital presence strategy, invest in customer persona research and achieve your targeted audience.

Everybody does business with a simple motive to earn more gains. In this digital era, digital presence is a tremendous competitive advantage for your business to move forward. By mobbing online, your business will get rid of geographical borders. There will be the next level of competition, and so does the number of customers.

Explore Our Top Digital Presence Services

Website Design

First impressions are everything- to put the best foot forward, a strategic and well-designed website is the best way to do it. At Ebizz, we support your vision and fragments of an idea. We tailor your website as per your requirement. To build a forum for you to draw web traffic, we specialise in incorporating tried-and-true layouts and trends design combining your ideas and needs. What makes us distinct from others is that we create an immersive, impressive website that captures your brand's status and helps you achieve your goals.

Social Presence Management

Our management services in social media are part of the broader approach and realistic techniques. You must know you need an excellent social media presence, where all the consumers hang out. It would be best to recognize the significance and opportunity of emerging companies and to grow brand awareness. You need to know when to post, what to publish and how to react when someone speaks to you, the social media must be managing fast. To accomplish all these, we are here to help you. We plan and share your marketing campaign on your social networks.

Search Engine Optimization

Ebizz provided SEO services at an affordable price. To include feedback on all the promoting SEO activities you have implemented so far, we conduct in-depth website research. The tactics implemented by your potential rivals are closely examined. This helps us to consider the possibilities and risks you can face. We conduct deep analysis by knowing your opportunities, add competitive keywords to the list of your targeted search terms. To improve website revenue, we follow tested and reliable techniques. We make sure that website visitors won't leave your platform in seconds anymore.

Mobile app development

The past decade gives us easy reach to smartphones in both developed and well-developed countries. We are the fastest emerging web and mobile app development company dedicated to providing this technical landscape with a big transition. Our business's core aspect is a high-end feature and a qualitative review of the app design results. The team of expert programmers, engineers, testers, and implementation executives can bring mobile app production solutions' agile capabilities to you. For android and apple users, we use top-ranked development languages like; HTML5, JAVA, Kotlin, PHP, etc.

Online Media Reputation

With the team of best digital marketing professionals, Ebizz helps businesses to build, repair, manage and promote the brand globally. As the best online credibility protector and profile defender business, we provide brands with tailor-made solutions after evaluating their wants and expectations. With the aid of online reputation management services, we help brands clean up and control defamatory content. Reviews play an important part in the client's buying decisions, so with the aid of review management providers, we help the brands handle the reviews. When it comes to your online attendance, a poor video can be painful for any brand. We can take it at Ebizz.

Digital Assets Studio

We are here to help our clients in achieving the online goals gladly. Our innovative and recent technologies offer an effective solution for brands to organize, retrieve, find, store and share digital content. We quickly deploy a centralized digital library where employees, clients, contractors have controlled access to digital assets- including images, videos, audio, presentation, documents, and more. We provide flexible solutions to the digital asset management system. Our team offers a highly secure setup with quick digital asset tracking. Fighting against the clock while handling loads of content to retrieve information for your next; it's all possible with our Digital assets management system.

Search engine marketing

The right resources for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will propel your company profits to the next level. By - search engine rankings, creating authority in your niches, and boosting brand recognition, we will boost your company's online exposure. We take a holistic approach that turns page visits and clicks for your bottom line into money. First, we will learn about your organization and audience before creating a tailored ROI SEM approach.

To satisfy the unique criteria of each customer, we customize your search engine marketing solutions. Since every company is different, there is no cut and paste solution to SEM.

Software Development

Invent, create, incorporate, measure, and update your brand with the Ebizz. We assist you in developing premium technical solutions and products and offering a wide variety of relevant professional services in the art and science of software engineering and management. We assist the entire pipeline or its portion in helping the company in the growth of software creation. We create SaaS, smartphone, and web marketing software and distribute them to mass companies/consumers. We provide a complete range of consultancy services, from ideation and workability analysis to deployment plans, for new and on-going software development projects. We have a wide variety to maintain your vital business apps, such as desk assistance and service, cloud immigration, heritage reengineering, and more.

What Service Include In Digital Presence Management?


The construction of an interconnected digital presence is like the construction of a symphony. Any part must be choreographed to achieve performance, although necessary and comprehensive on their own. Ebizz teams are manufactured for any customer, depending on the relevant audit reports. Organizations enter diverse digital maturity levels. Our emphasis is on the process of peace and brand development success.

Brand reputation

A brand is vulnerable in today's worldwide digital economy. The ratings, pleased or angry buyers, influencers, and rival businesses may be created or destroyed. A specialist's awareness and ability to adequately answer or encourage this information is dependent on which positive or negative patterns surge. Where and what information is shared? The Ebizz Brand Reputation teams help the brand retain its balance on the market and provide insights into mind peace.

Project Management

A brand is vulnerable in today's worldwide digital economy. The ratings, pleased or angry buyers, influencers, and rival businesses may be created or destroyed. A specialist's awareness and ability to adequately answer or encourage this information is dependent on which positive or negative patterns surge. Where and what information is shared? The Ebizz Brand Reputation teams help the brand retain its balance on the market and provide insights into mind peace.

Why Choose a Digital Presence for Your Business?

The first step towards success is to establish your business. The days have gone where your brick and mortar shop needed to advertise SALE SALE SALE with a loudspeaker! You need to develop a reputation and name for your company, which requires a strong online presence. One of the biggest benefits is that you get the customer's heartbeat from your hand. You no longer have to buy highly paying random details about who your clients are. If digital marketing is done well, it gives you incredible insight into all the consumer questions. Digital media has enabled consistent interaction with customers. You always have the chance to chat directly with your customers. You will research the patterns that you like if you are careful enough. The digital presence gives your brand credibility for years, even if you are four person staff.